Living History Living History organization of the United States Navy and Marine Corps portraying sailors and marines as an infantry expeditionary force during the Civil War.
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Contact the Chief Boatswain's Mate
     The U.S.S Fort Henry is based in the Tampa Bay area (West Central Florida).  Most of our members live in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.  Other members live in adjacent counties and throughout the state of Florida.

     Several members of the U.S.S Fort Henry provide presentation on a variety of Civil War subjects.  You can choose a specific topic or multiple topics, and various display items.

     This unit's Chief lives in Hillsborough County) (Tampa) and provides presentations on Civil War history and weapons, focusing on the US Navy during the Civil War.  At events, he reenacts ("living history") with this unit in he role of a Union sailor as a Chief Boatswain's Mate.

     The Chief can be in full sailor uniform, including weapons (when allowed), and bring other items used by sailors on shore and at sea.


More about the "Chief"
      At events, our Chief has an extensive display of nautical items which shows the creative handiwork and tools of the Civil War sailor at sea.  Chief provides live demonstrations of these items, some made by sailors who have a lot of spare time on their hands, and other items resulting from the sailors daily duties.

     Good examples of "spare time" would be decorative knot work, and musical instruments accompanied by singing sea shanties.  Visit the Chief's Marlin Spikes site for more information on period music.
      Behind the spectators and Chief is his "lean-to" - a shelter used while on shore expeditions.  He uses this space to show his sleeping hammock, and often spends the night there at events. The lean-to is decorated with his knot-work. Sailors also had to maintain a "ship shape" boat at sea and often lines (rigging and ropes) had to be repaired.  Chief displays a variety of tools to repair these lines.

     Look closer in the photos to see a close-up of the items on the table. Not only do spectators learn the "way of the sailor," Chief also passes the skill on to other naval reenactors.

School Day at Fort De Soto
Teaching the Knots at Port Columbus

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