Living History Living History organization of the United States Navy and Marine Corps portraying sailors and marines as an infantry expeditionary force during the Civil War.
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About Information about the U.S.S. Fort Henry living history unit, the members and the various activities we do, as well as uniforms, equipment, and camping.  Joining information is here.

Schedule Events (calendar) we participate at.

Photos See the latest event photos as well as a variety of photos depicting the type of activities we provide and action shots as well.  We also have an area for older photos of members at pre-U.S.S. Fort Henry events.  Of course we have a few humorous photos and some original photos as a reference.

Research Contains a lot of original information on the Civil War period.  You will find a lot of unique information from our members as well as copies of a few others worth mentioning.  Also, we have unique historical information on Civil War era Navy history and the impact the war had on Florida and the Tampa Bay area.

Contact Connect with a member who can provide presentations to your school, club, or organization on the role of the sailor, marine, or the Union Navy during the war.  As permitted by the organization or law, the presenter can be in uniform, bring related equipment, and weapons.  Some of the presenters can provide first person impressions in order to really bring history to life.  You can also contact the web master listed on this tab.

Links Connect with other living history units and organizations as well as history centers to aid you in further research on the Civil War. 
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