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Recent Photos
     Most of the photos you find on our site were not posed, so they correctly show exactly what we look like and what we do.  Some of the photos were sent to us from spectators and some were taken by unit members or their family.  A few were taken by media and professionals, so before you copy photos, please check our copyright policy.
     As of May 26, 2008, Lesters Studios will supply us with some photos.  (Their photographs are identified.)  Please visit their site to view these and more excellent photographs.
Battle of Gainsville, Florida, October 24, 2016
Cpl. H. Groves, and Pvt. E. Groves participated in the 2016 Battle of Gainsville.
Gainesville 2016Gainesville 2016Gainesville 2016 - Colors
Parrish, Florida, October 1, 2016
Orderly Sgt. Ekardt, Cpl. H. Groves, Pvt. E. Groves, and Pvt. Dakota participated in the fall 2016 Parrish Train Raid.  This event centers around the Florida Gulf Coast RR, where one side (Union or Confederate) either rides the train where the other side stops and attacks.  Good interaction with the passengers.
Palatka, Florida, September 23, 24, 2016
Marine Cpl. Harold Groves, Marine Pvt. Eugene Groves, and Seaman Rob Mattson participated in the 2016 Palatka event.  This included a "school day" on Friday and demonstrations on Saturday.  Good exposure with the media.
St. Andrews Salt Works Raid, Florida April 2, 3, 2016
"Marine Cpl. Harold Groves, Marine Pvt. Eugene Groves, and Seaman Rob Mattson participated in the 2016 St. Andrews Bay Salt Works Raid event with the Pawnee Marine Guard. St. Andrews Bay was the epicenter of salt production in Florida during the war, and the Union Navy conducted multiple landing party raids to destroy the salt works and disrupt salt production in Florida. Seaman Rob served as the 'narrator' for the event and spoke to the spectator crowd before and during the action to give them the background on salt works and salt works raids in Florida and what was happening on the field."
St. Andrews salt worksSt. Andews salt worksSt. Andrews salt works
Natural Bridge (North Florida) - March 5, 6, 2016
Seaman Rob Mattson represented the USS Ft. Henry at the Natural Bridge Battle reenactment March 5-6, 2016. Rob fell in with the Pawnee Marine Guard. The Battle of Natural Bridge was one of the last engagements of the Civil War and both Union and Confederate Navy landing parties participated in the action. The USS Ft. Henry was one of the gunboats that supported the landing of the Union Army troops at the mouth of the St. Marks River."

Natural BridgeNatural BridgeNatural Bridge

Williston Raid (Florida) - March 14, 15, 2015

Williston 2015Williston 2015
Williston 2015

Brooksville Raid (Florida) - January 17, 18, 2015

Our crew at the Brooksville Raid.  We joined with the USS Pawnee on the field.
Brooksville 2015Brooksville 2015Brooksville 2015

Jacksonville  Marine Heritage Center (Florida) - December 20, 2014
Our own Seaman Rob Mattson gave a presentation on Dec. 20, 2014 at the Jacksonville Maritime Heritage Center in downtown Jacksonville. Rob's presentation covered the Naval Civil War in Florida, based on his recently published book, "The Civil War Navy in Florida."  Rob also wore his "winter blues" sailor uniform and brought some weapons and tools used by seamen in the Civil War of which he addressed visitiors questions.
RobRob with Paul Ghiotto, the Museum Director

Fort De Soto - Battle of Ballast Point - February 2014

     The original battle took place about 25 miles east of this location.  Backing up to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, this location is an ideal location to substitute for the developed original place.  Winfield Scott Whitehurst is portrayed by David, age 11 (in photo 2).  "WS" was taken into the US Navy on Mullet Key (next island about 3 miles away) in 1862 after his father was shot by the "Confederat Miranda gang."
Sutlers and camps
New show("WS" on right")

Crystal River Boat Bash - April 2012

     This is not a Civil War event but one that is about modern and past boating in the Crystal River.  Dave and Chief represented the USS Fort Henry at this event.  Of significance is the construction of the USS Wartoppo (photo, lower left), a sailing craft used by the US Navy in the area during the Civil War.

USS Wartoppo (under construction) Cfief and Dave

Mariners' Museum (VA) - March 10-11, 2012

     Rob and Lew participated at the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of the Ironclads (Monitor and Virginia) at the Mariners' Museum's Monitor Center.  Rob portrayed a sailor and was stationed in the lobby where he was able to greet many visitors.  Lew portrayed Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles.

Crystal River Raid (Nature Coast Raid) - March 10-11, 2012

     Three of our marines fell in with the 14th Brooklyn NYVI.  They were the only ones who "made it ashore" to battle with the Confederates.  Photo courtesy Lester Studios.

Marines with the 14th

Fort De Soto, FL - February 24-26, 2012

     Fort De Soto saw the use of the ship's mortar (no. 2) mounted on a wheeled carriage.  Second photo courtesy Gary Trabant.  Third photo courtesy Kitt Amaritnant.

USS Fort Henry's marines and COMarine Adam & sonCO "Lt. Cmdr. McCauley"

Brooksville Raid (Fl.) - Jan 20-22, 2012

     The largest event we participate in.  Here are a few of our marines that were stationed on the artillery line with 11 other  guns.  The rest of us went as infantry with the USS Pawnee.  This was our first event with the mortar mounted on a carriage.

Harold, Dave, Eugene Color Guard Harold, Rob, Eugene


Port Columbus (Ga.) - March 11-13, 2011

     This was the tent anniversary of the Civil War Sailors Museum at Port Columbus.  It was also "River Blast" weekend.  Four of us from the USS Fort Henry participated at the event.
Standing read to fire the 7.4" Brooke RifleOur men at the eventCheief sings a sea shantyChief's demonstrations

Fort De Soto - February 25-27, 2011

     The Battle of Ballast Point was again recreated for the public to see.  The original battle was the largest one on Florida's west-central coast.  We were assigned to be the color company and "Trooped the Colors" in front of the combined forces each day.
Fort De Soto Color Company

Brooksville Raid - January 14-16, 2011

     The Brooksville Raid is the largest event we participate in.  The large photo below shows the new location of our "Naval Compound," a completely separated area from the army units.  This year (on Saturday) we joined forces with the Marine Guard of the U.S.S. Pawnee (bottom photos.).  On Sunday, we were assigned to be the color company and the battle plan was to replicate the First Battle of Bull Run.

The Hillsborough River Raid and the Battle of Ballast Point - October 2-3, 2010

     The Battle of Ballast Point is held at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Tampa.  It  is hosted by the U.S.S. Fort Henry.  This year we added space to the small field which was used for the force to withdraw after "burning the two blockade runners."  The site allows the spectators a close in view of the men in action as well as the amphibious landing.   Also new this year was we allowed spectators to come close to view the marines and sailors landing before the battle.  After the landing, the spectators were moved back to the crowd line.

  CS home guard at liesure CS home guard pickets USS Fort Henry Part of the CS camp US artillery Pilot dory and the main launch Part of the US camp Embarking

Port Columbus (National Civil War Sailors Museum) - April  17-18, 2010

     This was the U.S.S. Fort Henry's first unit out-of-state event.  We travelled to Columbus, GA, to participate in the 2010 edition of "River Blast."  (Second photo - courtesy of Port Columbus.)
     For a video of the loading and firing of the 7-inch Brooke Rifle, click here.
Chief piping aboard the USS Water WitchAboard the U.S.S. Water WitchPipe and drum on deckSailors quartersCaptain's cabinU.S.S. MonitorCSS Water Witch comissioiningMarines on the Water Witch7-inch Brook Rifle (5 pounds of gun powder)"Bring the ship to life"

Brooksville Raid - January 15-17, 2010
     This year we had two guns on the field as well as infantry.  The weather held during the day, but the heavy rain came in as dark approached.  By morning, the rain had ceased.  Both days had a very mild temperature of about 70°.
Navy camp open to guests"Chief" demonstrating nautical items to scouts
Signalman RobEugene and Adam chopping firewood
In the woods waiting on the enemyWe were guns number 11 & 12 on the Federal line
"Chief and Kevin observing the actionFamilies portraying the "Unionists" under naval protection
As dark approaches, time to take mess

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