Living History Living History organization of the United States Navy and Marine Corps portraying sailors and marines as an infantry expeditionary force during the Civil War.
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History - the U.S.S. Navy during the Civil War

This page contains unique information collected and researched by members of the U.S.S. Fort Henry.  This information is intended for sharing with those interested in Civil War history and not for commercial use.  Commercial use violates the Copyright established by the U.S.S. Fort Henry.

Admiral Bailey - commanding the East Gulf Blockading Squadron.

East Gulf Blockading Squadron - the "other union navy" - little known facts.

Ferry Gunboats - the history of New York ferry boats converted to gunboats.

The Last Train from Fernandina - first known record of an incident of a warship (U.S.S. Ottawa) firing on a moving train.

Small arms of the U.S. Navy - arms and boarding usage by the navy.

Tom Apple Frock - the Union Navy's sailor uniform.

U.S. Navy Battalion Infantry Flag - History of the flag goes back to the Civil War.

Sea Shanties - songs of the old sailors.

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